Alcohol Awareness Training & Certification
Beer, Wine & Liquor Store employees need to understand and follow the laws that govern your liquor license. See what happened in Ft. Myers, Florida to an Off Premise employee that sold to minors and did not correctly check IDs.

With "TIPS Off Premise" training.... 
situations like this could be avoided
If you are one of the many establishments that say "It will never happen to us!". Please view some examples of what could happen if you don't protect yourself & your business, with alcohol awareness training.....
Colleges across the nation are conducting alcohol awareness training to protect the teachers, students, campus and surrounding communities.  

A Florida College student driving while intoxicated, killed her best friend. 

With "TIPS For University" training.... 
situations like this could be avoided.
Are servers & bartenders trained to protect your restaurant from liquor liability lawsuits? This Lakeland, Florida restaurant served a 2 year old boy liquor which caused intoxication.

The parents have begun the legal process

   With "TIPS On Premise" training.... 
situations like this could be avoided
If the concessions staff and beer vendors don't monitor their patron's alcohol consumpion, things can get out of hand, people can get hurt and arrests can be made. See what happened at the Tampa Bay Bucs game.

With "TIPS For Concessions" training.... 
situations like this could be avoided
With most cruise ships having casinos, restaurants & bars, there are large amounts of alcohol provided. Passengers getting away and having a vacation are in a celebratory mood. Cruise ship staff should have ongoing alcohol awareness training because they are monitoring the passengers 24 hours a day vs. a few hours in a restaurant or bar on the mainland. 

See what happened on a cruise out of Ft. Lauderdale where a major cruise line was charged with failing to supervise and monitor the excessive use of alcohol by it's passenger's. This also involved a passengers death where intoxication was a factor. 
With "TIPS For On Premise and TIPS For Gaming" training.......situations like this could be avoided
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